Thursday, 9 March 2017

Have Fun While You Remodel Your Home and Get the Job Done!!

If you absolutely have no clue how to remodel your home. No worries, with the installation of a unit that is built-in this project will be in completion. These 8 easy steps listed below will walk you step by step through the process and turn any room from a hot mess into a success!!

These instructions for built-ins for each room in your home will help you have fun, and get creative while you get the job done. To stay in the know, just follow this guide listed below:

1)Built in Bookcase for the Front Room

Cutting and melding stock IKEA shelves will definitely give the front room an instant upgrade with simple, soft pastel paints that compliment each other. Throw in sleek vases , books, candles, and pictures that match the color scheme will leave your guests impressed. Click design process for her built-in and check out the full makeover at her blog for full details of installation.

2)Bench with Storage Space for Kitchen

This neat multi-purpose Storage Banquette Seat for Kitchenette is great for guests and family to provide a higher seating capacity for family functions and holidays. This must have Bench also lifts up to reveal extra room for various household items, which will ultimately enable this lucky homeowner to utilize more storage space capacity in cabinets and pantries as needed. Click-See if she's right, here!

3)Built-In Office Desk

In Order to create a farmhouse office space appeal, use a couple of stock cabinets to build a few basic boxes and plywood on top. For more steps click on the Finding Home Farms blog.

4)Built-In Living Room

If you are in desperate need of organization in your living room try a shelving unit with a classic mold. Click see how they did it and get it for yourself.

5)Built-In Kid's Room Bunk Beds

If you are a parent with 4, 5, to 6 children or more then these built-in bunk beds are a necessity and an affordable luxury. This option to have bunk beds and stairs built-in the bedroom is a very good idea. It is a space saver and keeps everything safer for smaller kids. These built-in bunk beds and staircases are also great for extra friends over on a fun Friday night for slumber parties. This look is very upscale and efficient at the same time. Watch this installation process in 4 parts at August Fields blog for details.

6)Built-In Bathroom Storage

Not enough much needed storage space in your main or guest bathrooms? Never fear, Angela is here!!(Creator of Unexpected Elegance). A space of wall between two studs is needed and being able to cut into drywall with the right tool is required. Follow her guidelines step by step on this diy built-in bathroom shelving blog. This easy add on makes every bathroom more comfortable and functional for women. It also makes guests feel welcomed loaded with toiletries and amenities.

7)Built-In Book Shelf Bedroom

If you are an avid book reader than this built-in book shelf for the bedroom is definitely right for you!! Just click built-in bedroom bookshelf headboard for full details to build your masterpiece.

8)Built-in Closet DIY

Let Sandra show you how to easily assess, measure, create and execute your design plan.

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